Love the sound of healthy, delicious, ready-to-eat meals arriving at your doorstep every week?!

If you’re based on the Sunshine Coast, I offer plant-based meal plans to suit your lifestyle, dietary needs and tastes to make eating well and nourishing yourself simple and easy.

With all private clients, we start with an initial consulation (free of charge) to determine your personalized meal plan and menu. Meal deliveries can be made fortnightly, weekly or bi-weekly depending on quantity and lifestyle needs.

Choose from dozens of nurturing Ayurvedic-inspired soups, curries and warm dishes, vibrant hearty salads, dips, dressings, savory snacks, healthy treats and more. Meals are 100% vegan, gluten free and free from anything processed for artificial. Local and spray-free produce is prioritized, 100% organic can be organized easily upon request.

When it comes to eating well, the main challenge I discover people have is having enough time to prepare healthy nourishing meals for themselves or their families. Having beautiful meals delivered to your doorstep that require no preparation enables you to know you are nourishing yourself the best way possible, whilst still having all the time you need to maintain your lifestyle commitments.

Sound too good to be true?! This service has often been called the ‘food fairy’ service! All you need to do is leave your empty containers at the door and Ill leave you with a new full box of goodness.

Feel free to contact me with any enquiries, to view the menu, or to arrange a consultation.


Examples of warm Ayurvedic-inspired options on the menu may include:

– Sweet Potato and Green Bean Dahl with coriander and toasted pumpkin seeds
– Mexican Jackfruit & Pumpkin Curry with chickpeas and chipotle
– Golden Turmeric Curry with seasonal vegetables and fresh tempeh


Example of warm and raw salad options on the menu may include:

– Soba Noodle & Roast Pumpkin Salad with sesame ginger dressing
– Zatar Cauliflower & Quinoa Salad with almond cumin dressing
– Brown Rice Sushi Salad with tofu, edamame, nori and miso dressing
– Raw Super Salad with seasonal vegetables, activated nuts, olives, herbs and pesto dressing

Also available for private catering:

– Patties & Savoury Bites
– Dips & Dressings
– Homemade Crackers & Breads
– Raw & Baked Sweet Treats

All private catering is customized to your needs. Please contact me for a catering menu or organize a call to discuss your ideas.

100% plant based whole foods. Easily made 100% gluten free. Always refined sugar free.
Can be made 100% raw vegan. Can be made 100% Ayurvedic.