Pre/PostPartum Ayurvedic & Plant-Based Meal Deliveries

This offering developed as I came to see a need in the community for expecting and new mothers to be properly nourished and nurtured with wholesome, natural, healing meals at this very special time.

It is an honor to offer meal deliveries to new mothers and families as they navigate life with their beautiful new baby. The service enables new mums to spend precious time tending to their new role as a mother, instead of spending those hours in the kitchen. At the same time, the meal service is specifically designed to replenish mothers and ensure they have easy access to healing, nourishing and delicious plant-based and Ayurvedic-inspired meals right at their fingertips.

With daily routines turned upside down, new sleep cycles and an array of new essential responsibilities, this service enables Mum’s to focus on whats most important, knowing they have a fridge full of healthy fuel, ready to enjoy with no preparation required.

Meal deliveries generally start 2-4 weeks prior to the baby’s due date to get into an easy rhythm with the meal deliveries and ensure the quantities and food choices are perfectly suited to each individual. Then meal deliveries continue for anything up to two weeks or two months postpartum.

While there is a general menu and outline in place for this service, I do work with each mother to ensure we create a menu and delivery service that works for them and suits their lifestyle, tastes and preferences. This can be adapted as the weeks and months progress as needs may change.

If you or someone special you know may be interested in this service, please feel free to contact me and we can arrange a free consultation to chat over the details.

“Receiving nourishing meals and snacks from Kelly during our pre + postpartum journey is one of
the best decisions we have ever made.
Removing the extra task of preparing food was an enormous help as we navigated newborn life.
The abundant plant based wholefood dishes were something we looked forward to every meal.
We felt so cared for ate so well during that precious time. Each meal was so well balanced and so tasty.
Brimming with colour and flavour. I cannot recommend Kelly’s private catering highly enough! “

~ Harriet Birrell (@naturallyharry)