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Professional Bio:

Kelly has been immersed in the world of raw food and vegan cuisine for over ten years. Initially training with highly acclaimed raw chef Elaina Love in Ubud, Bali, Kelly has worked in raw and health food establishments in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, the U.S. and Thailand, designing and implementing innovative menus that combine vibrant nutrition with abundant flavour and creative flare. Her significant knowledge has enabled her to provide consultancy for detox and retreat centres throughout Australia and Asia, crafting recipes and training staff to deliver high-vibrational food made with love.

Kelly has catered freelance for yoga and wellness events and retreats Australia-wide and in Indonesia, as well as working as a private chef for clients seeking to improve their diet and overall wellbeing. She has presented raw food classes, seminars and trainings in raw nutrition and cuisine, and has her own line of recipe books and cleansing guides available online. Kelly has worked with international health companies, offering recipe development and product branding. As a freelance writer, Kelly regularly contributes to numerous online journals and websites and has supplied countless recipes and informative articles as a raw chef for both e-books and print media.

Kelly holds an Advanced Raw Chef Certification, a Raw Nutrition Certification from Body Mind Institute and a Health Coach certification from The Food Coach Institute. Her passion for health and wellness extends beyond the kitchen to her love of yoga, nature, travel and adventure. Her commitment to living a mindful, simple and radiant life is her inspiration for the creations and wisdom she shares with others.

My Story:

I think I knew from an early age that my attitude towards food and my approach to eating was a little different from the other children my age.

I wasn’t exactly a fussy eater, but I was intuitively selective with what I chose to put in my body. I remember turning down fast food, sodas and lollies and opting for salad and fruit- food that tended to be nourishing and vibrant.

In my early teens, I became vegetarian and started to enjoy making food for myself and for family and friends. I loved experimenting in the kitchen, discovering new recipes, spending my pocket money on vegetarian cookbooks and finding hidden cafes in the city that offered things like tofu, spelt pasta, organic salads and brown rice sushi!

When I left home I spent the next chapter of my life travelling, living and working in various places- Thailand, England, America, Canada, Central America and Bali.  Places such as the Sanctuary Retreat in Thailand, Cafe Gratitude in San Francisco, Gorilla Food in Vancouver and Punta Mona in Costa Rica helped to fund my travels and simultaneously provided me with an exceptional education in vegan and raw food, health, wellness, detoxification and healing.

The more I travelled and the more I learned through my experiences in such inspiring spaces, I discovered what it was that I wanted to share with the world. I came to understand that food was indeed medicine, and it became my desire to pass this knowledge on and help people on their own journey to health, vitality and radiance.

Returning to Australia I began catering yoga, detox and rejuvenation retreats. Simultaneously I began to work with several raw-food and holistic businesses on the East Coast of Australia. I love the interactions that this type of work opens and encourages- meeting people from all walks of life on their journey to health- utilizing food for its particular ability to nourish, heal, revitalize, comfort, inspire and enliven.

Since childhood, I have always been an avid, almost fanatical writer and this website became my outlet- a place where all of my musings, recipes, leanings and daily insights and inspirations could co-exist and be accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Raw by Nature has become my vehicle for sharing my personal journey and forays in the kitchen, educating people in nutrition, and assisting people on their own journey to vibrant wellness.

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